Mobile Patrols

A fully trained Patrol Mobile Security Officer will visit your premises as and when required. The frequency of patrols will be either random or predetermined based on the particular risk address. The Mobile Security officers will provide an external inspection of the premises but alternatively can also enter the building to carry out a full internal inspection should this be required.

The following can be covered during the inspections, but agreed Site Assignment Instructions will be completed following a Risk Assessment detailing exact duties to be carried out during the Mobile Patrols: –

  1. Checking and / or closing windows
  2. Switching off lights or equipment
  3. Reporting obstructed fire exits
  4. Reporting defective security devices, locks, fences etc.
  5. Setting and deactivating alarm system
  6. Checking and reporting potential fire hazards

In case there has been a break in to your premises, the officer will take pre-arranged steps to notify our control room, local police and other designated individual/s. The Mobile Security officer will however continue to monitor the security of the premises before leaving the site.

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