2016 has been very hectic for Team Active but I am grateful to say it has been very satisfying.

We began with a number of Goals that included a huge step change for us. We have been showing the strengths of our Brand and the relevance of our support in a much more visible way.  When we began it felt like we had stepped out of our comfort zone, but it has invigorated us and we have grown on so many levels.

My Team has been exceptional.  We are very aware that the true measurement of our success rests with our customers who have entrusted us with caring for what matters to them.  Everyone here at Team Active has been delighted to receive kind compliments from far and wide. We also encourage feedback on how to continue improving.

We genuinely believe in good partnerships and our aim will always be to work with our customers and the community, to make a real difference. 

Many of you will have seen our #Bee Safe campaign, intended to Safeguard Children.  It began as a local initiative and took on a national interest.  The messages of support and encouragement we received were uplifting. Drawings received from young ones after watching our 3D Video was heartening.  You can see the Video and learn more about our campaign in The Hive.

Our New Web was one of our Goals this Year to introduce our Team and Services to you. It’s likely that you will see that we do more than you expected.

Our interest is in identifying your needs and showing how we can use our specialist skills to care for them.  We are delighted to say that our Blog will include special Guests who will share their expertise with us on important subjects to the wider community, so come back soon. 

I can promise that Team Active is a very likeable, professional bunch.  We pay attention to detail and always remain focused on keeping our promises.

Enjoy your visit. We look forward to meeting you personally in the future.
Michelle Bailey

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