I was very struck at this year’s Women in Security awards at what huge talent exists in our Industry. When you are in a room full of successful women it might be easy to conclude that we are well represented. I concluded that the talent was obvious but the numbers were unknown. I took the liberty of asking those who might reasonably know: how many women serve our industry? The answer came back that such Information was not captured, so it was not possible to be accurate. This was interesting because everyone within our industry seems to share the view that we need and wish to welcome more women. This is reflected by the BSIA whose membership represents 75 per cent of UK security revenues.

Trevor Elliott, Director of Manpower and Membership Services told me: “The BSIA recognises the value of the contribution that women make to the security industry. There are many situations where the presence of a female security officer is enormously beneficial and the industry needs to ensure that every effort is made to encourage women to pursue careers in security. The BSIA’s HR Forum is actively seeking to find ways that the Association can encourage and facilitate more female entrants to the industry and is currently undertaking a project aimed at attracting women from a wide range of backgrounds to consider security as a long-term career path.” This is encouraging news and a very welcome approach.

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