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Event Security

“Setting new standards within the Event / Crowd Control Industry”

Active Response Security Services are proud to announce we are able to offer Event Security / Crowd Control security. We have listened and work closely with Local Authorities and have a close working relationship with South Yorkshire Police.

Our Specialist Event/Crowd Management strategy ensures public safety is paramount at all times.  Right from the off we create a robust working document that can be amended in real-time to ensure public safety is maximised at all times.

Our strategic Risk Assessments are tailored around your specific event and carried out by our in-house specialists.


What makes us Different?

Here at Active Response Security, we wanted to “break the mould” and offer a new dimension to Event Security that is why we firmly believe that:


  • All our Event Staff have obtained their SIA License and are not classed as “safety stewards”. We believe that, just as the security industry is licensed and our Security Officers work within the SIA legislation that the same recruitment process and training and development flow’s through to our Event Staff.


  • As a lot of the Events we work at are family/public events and the chances of a child being separated from their parents/care giver that it is paramount that we have allocated members of our Event Team have received Safeguarding Training.

We can accommodate any Event regardless of the size and you can be assured that you will be provided with the most cost effective solution we can offer without compromising on public safety